3,10 Lei 2012-Lucian Blaga ( 1895-1961)

3,10 Lei 2012-Lucian Blaga ( 1895-1961)
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General Description : Lucian Blaga (9 May 1895 – 6 May 1961) was a Romanian philosopher, poet, and playwright.
Lucian Blaga was a commanding personality of the Romanian culture of the interbellum period. He was a philosopher and writer highly acclaimed for his originality, a university professor and a diplomat. He was born on 9 May 1895 in Lancrăm, near Alba Iulia, Romania, his father being an Orthodox priest. He did not speak any words until he was four,[citation and he later described his early childhood, in an autobiographical work "The Chronicle and the Song of Ages", as "under the sign of the incredible absence of word". In the poem "Self-Portrait" he describes himself : "Lucian Blaga is silent like a swan."
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