9.10 Lei - Maria Tanase

9.10 Lei - Maria Tanase
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General Description : Maria Tănase 25 September 1913 – 22 June 1963, was a celebrated Romanian singer and actress. Her music ranged from traditional Romanian music to romance, tango, chanson and operetta.
Maria Tănase has a similar importance in Romania to that of Édith Piaf in France or Amália Rodrigues in Portugal.
In her nearly three-decade-long career, she became widely regarded as Romania's national diva, being admired for her originality, voice, physical beauty and charisma. In Romania, she is still regarded as a major cultural icon of the 20th century.
Among her songs are Cine iubește și lasă (1937), Leliță cârciumăreasă (1939), Bun îi vinul ghiurghiuliu (1938), Doina din Maramureş (1956), Ciuleandra (1956) and Până când nu te iubeam.
Face value 9.10 Lei
Catalog code (Michel) RO BL572
Series 100 de ani de la nasterea Mariei Tanase - Romania 2013
Place in series 2
Stamp colour Policolor
Stamp use Souvenir Sheet
Print run 7000
Issue date 25/09/2013
Paper type Souvenir Sheet
Print technique Offset and Lithography
Perforation comb 13½
Height 91.00 mm
Width 118.00 mm
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