2000 Silvester-New Year token

2000 Silvester-New Year token 2000 Silvester-New Year token
Added by Ryo
General Description : The tokens of the chimney sweep series start with date 1936. The first subseries ends with date 1999.
The second sub-seriesstarting in 2000 is clearly inspired by the first.
The chimney sweep is more detailed and less "cartoonish". The figures of the date are bigger, of variable size to suggest perspective and they extend almost to the ladder. The 2000 and 2001 tokens have the word SILVESTER (Christmas) added. The reverse has the text "ICH BRINGE GLÜCK GESUNDHEIT ERFOLG" (I give good luck health success), each word on one line in a fantasy font. The 2005 piece has "ICH BRINGE / GLÜCK" in a circle of four-leafed clovers in a standard serifed font. The last three years have "ICH BRINGE GLÜCK GESUNDHEIT ERFOLG", each word on one line in a standard serifed font.
The series is very interesting because of the dates, so that developments become visible. It is striking to see the weight of these pieces increase. Clearly, 2000 was seen as a special year and an opportunity to update the traditional tokens.
Front Description : chimney sweep in top hat striding left, ladder in left hand, broom in right hand, brush on back, date between feet.
Back Description : ich bringe glück gesundheit erfolg ((I give good luck health success)
Diameter 23.00 mm
Weight 5.00 g
Material Brass
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