PLUS-Schutztz unsere Umwelt

PLUS-Schutztz unsere Umwelt PLUS-Schutztz unsere Umwelt
Added by Ciuca Lucian
General Description : store trolley token
Plus was a German supermarket chain founded in 1972. It operated 2,840 stores in Germany with an approximate 27,000 employees and about 1,200 stores in several other European countries. The Edeka Group and the Tengelmann Group entered a joint venture to own Plus supermarket chain on November 16, 2007, which resulted in 70% of Plus supermarket being owned by the Edeka Group and 30% owned by the Tengelmann Group.
As of January 2009, Plus supermarket chain owned by Edeka group was remodeled into Netto Marken-Discount supermarket chain branch, while the Tengelmannn Group's supermarkets were bought by Lidl, Spar, Carrefour, etc.
Front Description : PLUS store chain logo
Back Description : a turtle and a frog and the text: "Schutztz unsere Umwelt"
Height 1.50 mm
Diameter 23.00 mm
Material Iron-Nickel
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