Gettone telefonico 7711 November UT

Gettone telefonico 7711 November UT Gettone telefonico 7711 November UT
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General Description : More specifically, the word Gettone can be used to refer to the gettone telefonico (telephone token), which was used during much of the 20th century in Italian phone booths. The gettone was introduced in 1927 by STIPEL and subsequently adopted by other telephone companies. The last version of it (as reproduced in the picture linked below) was produced from 1959 to 1980. In this last version, the gettone had the date marked on it in the form of a four digit number at the bottom of the obverse side of the token. The first two digits represent the year in which the token was minted. The last two digits represent the month. Example: "7805" represents "May 1978". Its use ceased in 2001.
Front Description : UT - Urmet Costruzioni Elettrotelefoniche, Torino
7711= November 1977
Diameter 24.00 mm
Material Brass
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