Bucharest - Tache Rusescu's restaurant-50

Bucharest - Tache Rusescu's restaurant-50 Bucharest - Tache Rusescu's restaurant-50
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General Description : Tache Rusescu's restaurant was in Bucharest, on Calea Plevnei no 4. Rusescu published several advertisements in the media in a humorous, unconventional style: "Du-te zilnic de mănîncă, / Şi’ţi arată eleganţa / La terasa lui Rusescu, / Ştii, lîngă Hotel de Franţa". Several of his advertisements published in 1892 in Adevărul newspaper are presented in [2], where the previous lines were taken from. Tache Rusescu was apprentice in the restaurant of Iordache Ionescu on Covaci Street no 3 (another renowned restaurant in the Bucharest of the end of 19th century). The tokens issued by Rusescu are very similar to the ones issued by his former employer from "J. N. Jonescu" restaurant. It is quite sure that the face value is in bani. Values of 5 and 10 also exist.
Diameter 22.00 mm
Material Brass
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