Naipes Fournier - playing cards

Naipes Fournier - playing cards Naipes Fournier - playing cards
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General Description : The company was founded by Heraclio Fournier in 1868 and is based in Vitoria, Spain. Though it has been owned by The United States Playing Card Company since 1986, not only does it continue to maintain separate manufacturing operations, but it also manufactures certain USPC products sold by its parent company in the States (i.e., Congress bridge playing cards). Heraclio Fournier died in 1916. His grandson Félix Alfaro Fournier took on the administration of the company and started a card collection. In 1970 he acquired the card collection from Thomas De la Rue. His collections formed the Fournier Museum of Playing Cards, now property of the Province Government of Alava. Their design is the most used for the Spanish deck of cards. In the past, they have also printed postage stamps for the postal authorities of certain countries.
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