2 Afghanis 2002 (SH 1381 - ١٣٨١)

2 Afghanis 2002 (SH 1381 - ١٣٨١) 2 Afghanis 2002 (SH 1381 - ١٣٨١)
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description Paghman Gardens is a popular place near Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul. It is a place where people relax and spend the weekends there with friends and relatives. At the entrance is the European style monumental gate, similar to that of the Paris Arc de Triomphe but smaller
Front Description Paghman Garden
Back Description Money value and mint logo
Catalog code P#65a
Height 55.00 mm
Width 130.00 mm
Material Paper
Catalog prices UNC $0.50  

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