2 Dollars 1974

2 Dollars 1974 2 Dollars 1974 2 Dollars 1974
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description In Terra Cotta color.
The main characteristic of the new design was the use of multicoloured tints beneath the dominant colour. This series was often dubbed the "multicoloured series". With the exception of the $1 note, the use of black ink was abandoned. Furthermore, the words "this note is legal tender" replaced the phrase "will pay to the bearer on demand," reflecting the fact that Canada's currency had long ceased to be redeemable in gold. The $1,000 denomination was not included in this issue.
Unlike previous series, the 1969-79 series did not have the same date of issue for all denominations, but rather the year in which the printing plate was produced.
Front Description Queen Elizabeth II
G.K. Bouey and J.W. Crow
Back Description Inuit hunting on Baffin Island, Northwest Territories
Catalog code P#86b
Height 69.00 mm
Width 152.40 mm
Material Paper
Catalog prices VF $2.25   UNC $12.00  

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