2 Dollars 1986 - signatures Bonin-Thiessen

2 Dollars 1986 - signatures Bonin-Thiessen 2 Dollars 1986 - signatures Bonin-Thiessen
Added by Bruce Weese
General Description There are actually two 1986 bank notes. The earliest bears the signatures of Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Gordon G. Thiessen and Governor John W. Crow. This the second 2 dollar bill dated 1986 was signed by Deputy Governor Bernard Bonin and Governor Gordon G. Thiessen (These bills were actually replacement bills printed after February 1, 1994 as Mr. Thiessen was not officially appointed governor until February 1, 1994.) This particular note is important in Canadian bank note history as it is the last $2 Candian Bank Note issured for circulation and were discontinued in 1996 and replaced by the 1996 Toonie Coin (2 Canadian Dollars.)
Front Description The front of this bank note features the image of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian Coat of Arms top centre, Canada in large print below the coat of arms, and the signatures of Bonin-Thiessen
Back Description The back of this bill features American Robins as part of the Canadian Bird Series of banknotes in front of a Hollywoodesque Canada Marquee.
Catalog code P#94c
Height 70.00 mm
Width 153.00 mm
Material Paper
Catalog prices UNC $4.00  



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