100000 Rupiah 2011

100000 Rupiah 2011 100000 Rupiah 2011
Added by Maciej Pasztor
General Description Watermark: Portrait of Wage Rudolf Soepratman
(Supratman) - an Indonesian songwriter
Front Description Potrait of Sukarno (Soekarno; Kusno Sosrodihardjo, 1901-1970), the first President of Indonesia, in military uniform and Dr. H. Mohammad Hatta (1902–1980), the first Vice President of Indonesia; Document of the Proclamation of Independence; Modern house; Garuda Pancasila, the National Emblem of Indonesia; Logo of Bank Indonesia.
Back Description Indonesian Parliament building in Jakarta; Outline map of Indonesia.
Height 65.00 mm
Width 152.00 mm
Material Paper
Printed by PERUM PERCETAKAN UANG RI IMP. (Indonesia)
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