10 Centavos ND (1942)

10 Centavos ND (1942) 10 Centavos ND (1942)
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description During World War II, the Japanese issued Military Gumpyo Pesos (PHJ) at par with the Philippine Peso which continued to circulate; however, Philippine forces had withdrawn into the jungle, and issued their own Guerilla Pesos (PHG), redeemable in paper Pesos after the war was over.
Front Description The note is black on blue underprint. Issuing authority with the denomination. Value in all 4 corners.
Back Description Numerical denomination in the center and corners of an ornate design.
Catalog code P# 104b
Height 50.00 mm
Width 105.00 mm
Material Paper
Catalog prices VG $0.10   VF $0.25   UNC $1.25  



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