1 Thaler 1780 S. F.

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Added by Sadanand R. Meharwade
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General Description Many varieties exist. This type has been stuck by many different mints over the years, with some varieties commanding high premiums.
Maria Theresa succeeded her father, Charles VI, in 1740 at the age of 23. Her father had tried to guarantee the female succession through the Pragmatic Sanction, although Prince Eugene of Savoy believed he would have done better to have left her an efficient army and a full treasury! She was Queen of Hungary and of Bohemia, Archduchess of Austria (the title of Empress came in 1745 when her husband, Francis Stephen, was elected Holy Roman Emperor)
Obv. Description Crowned PM Countermark for Mozambique on Obverse of 1780 Maria Theresia Thaler
Rev. Description Reverse of Countermarked 1780 Maria Theresia Thaler
Catalog code KM#TK1
Diameter 41.00 mm
Weight 28.0668 g
Material Silver 0.8330
Mint -Not in this list-
Edge Type plain with inscription
Catalog prices
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UNC $28.00  


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