What are the points?

The points are a way to measure the contribution of an Allnumis member for the Allnumis community.

How do I gain points?

Playing the "Match the Coin" game will bring you points. Every entry is given to 3 different random players. To gain points you need to match with at least one of the other 2 players.
You get points like this :
+1 - reject an entry that is not a single coin
+2 - reject an entry that is a valid coin but it doesn't exists on Allnumis
+10 - match a coin with a coin from Allnumis
Also you can earn points by helping Allnumis :
+1000 - for writing a new article on the website
+750 (minimum) - for any idea that will be implemented into the website
+250 - for writing an interesting blog post on Allnumis blog (contact us for more details)
+25 - for adding a new coin or banknote to the catalogs
+18 - for adding a new collectible (excepting coins and banknotes) to the catalogs
+5 - for updating an existing catalog item

What can I do with the points?

You can spend them for viewing the real market prices for the coins you are interested in and you also for claiming prizes in our contests.

Community vote

Represents the trust this user is given within the community.
Each member can vote positively or negatively another member with whom it had a direct contact.