25 Kuna 2013 - Republic of Croatia a member of the European Union

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Obv. Description The core of the coin features an image of a beehive symbolising the European Union. The beehive consists of twenty-seven cells, each comprising a star as a symbol of a European Union Member State. The newly added, twenty-eighth cell, comprises a square with a star on it, symbolically representing the act of accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union as the new, twenty-eighth member. The inscription "REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA ČLANICA EUROPSKE UNIJE" (REPUBLIC OF CROATIA – A MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION) is laid out circularly within the ring of the coin. The lower central part of the ring bears the date "1 VII 2013".
Rev. Description The central part of the coin's core carries the designation of the nominal value 25. Within the numeral outlines, the figure of a pine marten running towards the right is shown; the marten's body is integrated with the numeral denoting the nominal value. In the bottom, central part of the coin's ring the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia is impressed. A blooming laurel branch is placed in a semicircle on the left to the coat of arms, while a common oak branch with fruits is on the right. The top part of the ring carries the semicircular inscription REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA.
Mintage 20,000
Diameter 32.00 mm
Weight 12.7500 g
Material Bi-metallic Copper-Nickel (ring) and Copper-Aluminum-Nickel (center)
Mint Croatia - Zagreb
Edge Type plain
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