20 Kroner 2009 - Faroese boat

Added by Maciej Pasztor
General Description Boat from Faroe Islands
Rev. Description The Faroese boat is a light, clinker-built, slender and very seaworthy open wooden boat. Its characteristics include a curved sheer line with a high bow and stern. It also bears some resemblance to a Viking ship. Over time it has been developed into a unique construction not found elsewhere in the world.
Catalog code KM#936
Mintage 900,000
Diameter 27.00 mm
Weight 9.3000 g
Material Aluminum-Bronze
Orientation Coin
Mint Denmark - Copenhagen (heart)
Edge Type -not in this list-
Designer Hans Pauli Olsen
Catalog prices
*what it means?
UNC $5.00   BU $9.00  



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