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Rev. Description Emblem of Malta, a shield displaying a heraldic representation of the Maltese national flag and supporting a mural crown that represents the fortifications of Malta and denotes a city state. The shield is bounded on the left by an olive branch and on the right by a palm branch, symbols of peace traditionally associated with Malta, forming a wreath tied at its base by a ribbon which carries the inscription “Repubblika ta’ Malta” (Republic of Malta).
Catalog code KM# 129
Mintage 40,000,000
Mintage BU 40,000
Diameter 22.25 mm
Thickness 2.14 mm
Weight 5.7400 g
Material Nordic Gold 89% copper, 5% aluminum, 5% zinc, 1% tin
Orientation Coin
Mint France - Pessac (Bordeaux)
Edge Type spanish flower (fluted smooth edge)
Designer Luc Luycx / Noel Galea Bason
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UNC $1.25  

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