1 Follis ND (337-340)

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General Description Posthumous coin of Constantine. "Constantine on the obverse wearing a death shroud, and the reverse showed Constantine
in a quadriga pulled by four horses being lifted up by the hand of God into the heavens...interesting is the obverse part of the legend
starts with the initials DV, which is short for DIVO. This proclaims that Constantine was
deified, becoming a god himself.
Obv. Description Obv: DIVO CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG - Veiled head right
Rev. Description Rev: Emperor, veiled to right in quadriga; the hand of God reaches down to him.
In exergue SMANA
Diameter 15.40 mm
Weight 1.8110 g
Material Bronze
Orientation Coin
Mint Roman Empire - Antioch
Edge Type -not in this list-
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