10 Lei 2014 - 150 Years since the Establishment of the Senat

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Images copyright National Bank of Romania
General Description Issue date: 02/06/2014
Obv. Description Partial depiction of the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, a snapshot during a Senate meeting, the coat of arms of Romania, the year of issue “2014”, the face value “10 LEI” and the inscription “ROMANIA” in an arc.
Rev. Description The portraits of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza and Metropolitan Bishop Nifon – the first president of the Senate, their names, the inscription “150 DE ANI DE LA INFIINTAREA SENATULUI” in an arc and “1864”, the year of the celebrated event.
Mintage Proof 250
Diameter 37.00 mm
Weight 31.1030 g
Material Silver 0.9999
Mint -Unknown-
Edge Type reeded
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