Dime 1941 P

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General Description The technically-correct crowd will tell you that the Mercury dime should actually be called the Winged Liberty dime. That’s actually true, because that is NOT the ancient god, Mercury on the face of this dime, rather, it is Miss Liberty wearing a cap with wings to symbolize freedom of thought.
Obv. Description Liberty faces left, most of her hair covered by a soft cap with a soft peak folded toward the front. The cap has a small wing extending from the base upward to the back. The word LIBERTY, E and R partially covered by the top of the cap, encircles around slightly more than the top half of the coin just inside the flat rim. IN GOD WE TRUST, on two lines of two words each, and with centered dots separating the words on each line, is to the lower left. The date is at the lower right, mostly below the truncation of the neck. The designer’s initials AW, as a monogram, are also to the lower right, about halfway between the Y of LIBERTY and the date.
Rev. Description A fasces, axe pointed to the left occupies the center of the reverse, the bundle of rods bound by horizontal banding, at the top (three bands), in the middle (two bands), and at the bottom (two bands), with a single band diagonally across the bundle in the each open area between the horizontal bands. An olive branch with berries curves from the left front behind the bundle of rods to appear again at the top right. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the words separated by centered dots, is concentric to the flat rim around slightly more than the top half of the coin; ONE DIME, the words separated by the bottom of the fasces and the olive branch, completes the circle at the bottom. A five-point star separates ONE and UNITED on the left, and DIME and AMERICA on the right.
Catalog code KM#140
Mintage 175,090,000
Diameter 17.90 mm
Weight 2.5000 g
Material Silver 0.9000
Orientation Coin
Mint United States of America - Philadelphia (P)
Edge Type reeded
Designer Adolph A. Weinman
Catalog prices
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F $1.50   VF $1.60   XF $2.00   UNC $12.00  



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