Two-cent Piece 1864 - large motto

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General Description The two-cent coin was produced in the United States from 1864-1873 with decreasing mintages throughout that time. The two-cent piece was made of 95% copper with tin and zinc making up the remainder. It was very slightly smaller than a modern U.S. quarter.
The 2-cent coin was the first to bear the familiar US coin motto “In God We Trust.” The 1864 Large Motto 2-cent coin is the most commonly encountered date, and there are numerous date varieties to be collected including the 1865/4 and 1869/8 over dates, and a Large and Small Motto with the SM Motto being most rare.
Obv. Description A shield with a ribbon over it bearing the motto, IN GOD WE TRUST. Behind the shield are two arrows, and a branch with leaves (most likely an olive branch).
Rev. Description A wreath made up of several different plant components surrounding the words 2 CENTS. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surround the wreath.
Catalog code KM#94
Mintage 19,847,500
Diameter 23.00 mm
Weight 6.2200 g
Material Copper-Zinc
Orientation Coin
Mint United States of America - Philadelphia (P)
Edge Type plain
Designer James B. Longacre
Catalog prices
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F $20.00   VF $27.50   XF $42.50   UNC $84.00  



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