1 Dollar Canadian Tire 2010 - Toboggan

1 Dollar Canadian Tire 2010 - Toboggan 1 Dollar Canadian Tire 2010 - Toboggan
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Moments Like These" 2010 series, coins that celebrate family moments, tobogganing is the second.
In 1958, Canada got its second currency, albeit unofficially. It's the one people stuffed into glove boxes and cookie tins and jars in the garage, instead of wallets or purses. Canadian Tire money. Come 2009, Canadian Tire Corp., one of the nation's most iconic retailers, is introducing a dollar coin to complement its multi-hued, low-denomination stable of widely hoarded bills. Minted at the Royal Canadian Mint.
Front Description : Family moment , which depicts tobogganing, CANADIAN TIRE above and the date below
Back Description : Canadian Tire corporation logo flanked by $1 with the bilingual inscription, LIMITED EDITION . SÉRIE LIMITÉE above AND CASH BONUS . ARGENT -BONI below
Diameter 29.70 mm
Full Date 19 February 2010
Material Metal
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