1 Argus Dollar

1 Argus Dollar 1 Argus Dollar
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General Description : The Argus had a reputation as a workhorse and had tremendous endurance. With a flight crew of five, and an additional six sensor operators, the Aircraft flew missions in excess of twenty hours frequently. An Argus flown by 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron held the record for the longest flight by an unrefuelled Aircraft, slightly over 31 hours. This record stood for almost twenty years until broken by a Rutan experimental Aircraft which circled the globe unrefuelled. The Aircraft served from the 50's to the 80's until it was replaced by the current CP-140 Aurora Aircraft.
Front Description : within a circle of pearls is a Canadair CP-107 Argus aircraft, Prince-Edward-Island at the bottom
Back Description : Summerside Chamber of Commerce logo over the date.
Summerside is a Canadian city in Prince County, Prince Edward Island. It is the second largest city in the province and the principal municipality for the western part of the island.
Canadian Forces Base Summerside (CFB Summerside) was an air force base located in St. Eleanors, Prince Edward Island, Canada, now part of the city of Summerside, constructed between 1940-41, in 1991 the base was closed.
Diameter 38.00 mm
Full Date 1984
Valability 4 September 1984
Material Metal
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