Karl Truppen Cross

Karl Truppen Cross Karl Truppen Cross
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General Description : Austrian medal for frontline service.
First World War Austro-Hungarian service medal, the Karltruppenkreuz, awarded by the Emperor Karl to his troops for service in the field, including participation in at least one battle.
Emperor Karl succeeded to the throne in November 1916 and the cross was instituted on 13 December. The design of the cross strongly recalls that of the Army Cross of 1813-1814 (usually known as the ‘Cannon Cross’ – ‘Kanonenkreuz’) as a reminder of the war with Napoleonic France some hundred years before. The cross was to be awarded to all military, regardless of rank, who had been part of a front-line formation for three months.
Front Description : he face inscribed ‘GRATI PRINCEPS ET PATRIA CAROLUS IMP. ET REX’ (A grateful prince and country, Karl, Emperor and King)
Back Description : the reverse with the initial ‘C’ supporting the crowns of Austria and Hungary, inscribed ‘VITAM ET SANGVINEM’ (with life and blood) and dated ‘MDCCCCXVI’ (1916)
Material Zinc
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