Triberg waterfalls

Triberg waterfalls Triberg waterfalls
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General Description : Embossed Tin to resemble a facing dear hunting trophy with a pictures glued below within an oak wreath.
Front Description : Triberg Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany with a descent of 163 meters (at between 711 and 872 metres above sea level, and is a landmark in the Black Forest region. Above Triberg, in the midst of Black Forest, the Gutach river plunges over seven major steps from a gently undulated high plain into a rocky V-shaped valley.
In Triberg, at the bottom of the falls, the deep valley forms a basin just wide enough for a small town. The steep basin and the waterfalls were initially formed by two faults in the granite and then by glaciers during several glaciations of the Pleistocene.
Triberg with its waterfalls is a popular tourist spot, attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists each year. The upper part of the falls is less spectacular. Here the water is used by a small and very old hydroelectric power plant.
Height 57.00 mm
Width 40.00 mm
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