Centennial of the Capture of Rome

Centennial of the Capture of Rome Centennial of the Capture of Rome
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General Description : The Capture of Rome (20 September 1870) was the final event of the long process of Italian unification known as the Risorgimento, which defeated the Papal States under Pope Pius IX and unified the Italian peninsula under King Victor Emmanuel II of the House of Savoy and is today widely memorialized throughout Italy with the Via XX Settembre street name in virtually every town of any size.
During the Second Italian War of Independence, much of the Papal States had been conquered by the Piedmontese Army, and the new unified Kingdom of Italy was created in March 1861, when the first Italian Parliament met in Turin. On 27 March 1861, the Parliament declared Rome the Capital of the Kingdom of Italy. However, the Italian government could not take its seat in Rome because it did not control the territory. In addition, a French garrison was maintained in the city by Napoleon III of France in support of Pope Pius IX, who was determined not to hand over temporal power in the States of the Church.
In July 1870, at the very last moment of the Church's rule over Rome, the First Vatican Council was held in the city – affirming the doctrine of papal infallibility.
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