War Medal of Military Virtue

War Medal of Military Virtue War Medal of Military Virtue
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General Description : Gilt metal cross pattée, the arms with raised central panels, with oak wreath between the arms and with laterally pierced loop for ribbon suspension.
The medal was created by Prince Alexandru Cuza in 1864 and instituted by Carol I on 27 March 1872 to be awarded to non-commissioned officers for 12 years of distinguished service.
In 1880 the Medal of Military Virtue was reformed by royal decree. Soldiers who had earned the medal during wartime were authorized to turn in their medals for a new 'war' medal (Medalia Virtutea Militara de Razboi). The new medal was in the form of a cross and was awarded for bravery only during wartime.
Beginning in 1918, the medal was awarded exclusively to enlisted men in both grades, and was the highest award for bravery that could be awarded to enlisted soldiers.
Front Description : A circular central medallion bearing the head of King Carol I facing left and inscribed ‘CAROL I DOMN AL ROMANIEI’ (Carol I Domnitor (Prince) of Romania).
Back Description : A central circular medallion inscribed ‘VIRTUTE MILITARA’ (Military virtue).
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