Vienna-Spanish Court riding school

Vienna-Spanish Court riding school Vienna-Spanish Court riding school
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Front Description With their origins dating back to the 16th century, the Lipizzans are Europe's oldest breed of horses. However, until the 19th century these noble steeds were not known as "Lipizzans", a name that was taken from the Slovenian village of Lipica. Until that time they were called Spanish Karsters and highly prized. The Lipizzans of Vienna's Spanish Riding School have made the Piber Federal Stud, located in western Styria, their home since 1920. The stud carefully cultivates and develops the knowledge gained from over four hundred years of breeding these magnificent animals. The breeding at Piber can be traced back to the descendents of the former Lipizza Imperial Court Stud. Each year the best Lipizzan stallions are selected for training at the Spanish Riding School. At the height of their career, they enchant visitors from all over the world with their truly unique performances in the world's most famous riding hall, the "Winter Riding School", located in Vienna's Imperial Hofburg Palace.
Height 147.00 mm
Width 106.00 mm
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