Niagara Falls-The Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls-The Horseshoe Falls Niagara Falls-The Horseshoe Falls
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General Description The city is dominated by the Niagara Falls, a world famous set of two large waterfalls on the Niagara River and benefits from the fact that both falls, the American and Horseshoe, can be best seen from the Canadian side of the river, thus presenting the city one of the major tourist attractions of the world.
Front Description The Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls, is part of Niagara Falls, on the Niagara River. Approximately 90% of the Niagara River, after diversions for hydropower generation, flows over Horseshoe Falls. The remaining 10% flows over the American Falls. Two-thirds of the falls is located in Ontario, Canada and one-third in New York State, United States of America according to the US Geological Survey.
Height 120.00 mm
Width 168.00 mm
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