Donkeys Donkeys
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General Description Donkeys are small horses but they’re not ponies. Brown in color, they’re a bit bigger with very long ears and they look as if they are just a bit damn bored all the time. They walk extremely slowly and, when they decide they don’t want to go any further, they can stay in the same place for hours. They are adorable!

Donkeys are protected in Cyprus - in both sides of the border that divides the island into North and South Cyprus. Donkeys were even the impetus for a bi-communal initiative created by people from both communities in Cyprus (Greek and Turkish) under the name “Friends of the Cyprus Donkey” to protect them from extinction. The animal welfare charity “Friends of the Cyprus Donkey”, registered in the UK, was founded in 1994 to care for sick and unwanted donkeys of all ages and to provide medical and welfare services for working animals throughout Cyprus.
Height 160.00 mm
Width 110.00 mm
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