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Munich - Hackerhaus Munich - Hackerhaus
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General Description The Hackerhaus is one of the sights of Munich that go to make up the charm of this "city with a heart".
he history of the firm dates back to the 15th century. The brewery was known as "Prew im Haggenviertel" until the 18th century. On 16 August 1738, brewer Simon Hacker acquired the brewery and gave it its new name - "Hackerbräu" - the Hacker Brewery.
Until 1793, the sites all belonged to the Hacker family. When Therese Hacker married, they became the property of Josef Pschorr. In May 1797, Josef Pschorr bought the brewery and gave it to his son, Simon Hacker.
In March 1825, the entire brewery, apart from the house they lived in, was destroyed by fire. In the spring of 1829, the Pschorr family bought two adjoining plots of land and started to build the present building. The newly constructed Hacker Brewery was completed in two years.
In March 1835, Mathias Pschorr senior, one of Joseph Pschorr's sons, bought the new building from his father.
From 1866 to 1885, it was owned by his son, Mathias junior, who became Director of the firm known as "Pschorr zum Hacker". Mathias Pschorr died in 1900 without children. Else von Mendel and Therese Brandl (maiden names von Mayr Strazhausen), nieces of Mathias Pschorr, refurbished the building in 1901. Else von Mendel sold the firm in 1946 to the Hacker Brauerei (Hacker Brewery).
In November 1982, a leasehold agreement was signed with the architect, G. Lehmann. The building was then renovated, with the assistance of W. Huller. In the spring of 1985, the Pongratz family once again opened the doors of this traditional Munich inn.
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