0,20 Convertible Mark - Coin of King Tvrtko (1376-91) 2002

0,20 Convertible Mark - Coin of King Tvrtko (1376-91) 2002
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Stjepan (Stephen) Tvrtko I (5 August 1338 – 10 March 1391) was a ruler of medieval Bosnia. He ruled in 1353–1366 and again in 1367–1377 as Ban and in 1377–1391 as the first Bosnian King.
Tvrtko I was an able ruler, and his state included most of Bosnia as well as the neighbouring territories, which included Bosnia, Dalmatia, Croatia and Serbia (Rascia). Tvrtko was a member of the House of Kotromanić. He transformed the country from an autonomous banate into an independent and prosperous kingdom.
Face value 20 Pfennig
Catalog code (Michel) BA 287
Catalog code Stamp Number BA 429 Yvert et Tellier BA 383 Stanley Gibbons BA 720
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 800000
Issue date 10/12/2002
Designer H. Sabanić
Print technique Offset lithography
Printed by Bundesdruckerei
Perforation comb 13¾ x 14
Height 44.00 mm
Width 27.00 mm
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