P Birds of Canada booklet 2017

P Birds of Canada booklet 2017
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Canada Post continues its three-year Birds of Canada stamp series with the release of the second issue.
Following on the tail feathers of last year’s issue, this new flock of stamps continues the Birds of Canada series with five more provincial and territorial representatives from across the country. These avian emblems include the stately great gray owl (Manitoba), a silent and deadly hunter; the imposing gyrfalcon (Northwest Territories), the world’s largest falcon; the agile osprey (Nova Scotia), which executes dramatic dives to catch fish; the regal common loon, a true Canadian icon (Ontario); and the boisterous blue jay (Prince Edward Island), herald of spring.
They were designed by Kosta Tsetsekas, Adrian Horvath and Mike Savage of Vancouver-based Signals and beautifully illustrated by Keith Martin.
The cancellation site is Yellowknife, NT. As with all stamps issued in 2017, a reference to Canada's sesquicentennial can be found on the stamps. In this case, the Canada 150 logo subtly appears near the birds in a light varnish. David R. Gray of Grayhound Information Services provided his valued expertise to this stamp issue.
Booklet of 10 stamps price $8.50
Face value P for PERMANENT™ domestic rate $0.85
Catalog code (Michel) CA MH0-603
Catalog code (Scott) CA 3022a
Catalog code canada post # 414051111; Yvert et Tellier CA C3404
Series Birds of canada
Place in series 2
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Booklet stamp
Print run 400,000
Issue date 01/08/2017
Designer Kosta Tsetsekas, Adrian Horvath and Mike Savage
Print technique Lithography in 6 colours
Printed by Canadian Bank Note
Perforation simulated Perforation (SP)
Height 20.00 mm
Width 24.00 mm
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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