17¢ Atlantic Whitefish, Coregonus canadensis 1980

17¢ Atlantic Whitefish, Coregonus canadensis 1980
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Atlantic whitefish (Coregonus huntsmani) is a freshwater salmonid fish inhabiting the northwestern Atlantic ocean around the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as well as some freshwater lakes within Nova Scotia. C. huntsmani was originally designated Coregonus canadensis, but the species name was changed in 1987. Other common names that C. huntsmani is known by are Acadian whitefish, sault whitefish, and cisco. The species was designated as an endangered species by the World Conservation Union in 1986 and in 1970, Nova Scotia prohibited the taking of Atlantic whitefish under the Canadian Fisheries Act.
Face value 17 Cents
Catalog code (Michel) CA 764
Catalog code (Scott) CA 853
Catalog code Yvert et Tellier CA 732 Stanley Gibbons CA 976
Series Endangered Wildlife
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 21,900,000
Issue date 06/05/1980
Designer Michael Dumas
Paper type GT2 - Gereral Tagging on two opposite edges
Print technique Offset lithography
Printed by Ashton-Potter Limited
Perforation 12.5
Height 24.00 mm
Width 40.00 mm
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