12 Kopeks - Yuri Gagarin's Gold Medal

12 Kopeks - Yuri Gagarin's Gold Medal
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General Description : The Yuri Gagarin Gold Medal is the second highest award for spaceflight offered by the FAI.
This Medal was established by the FAI in 1968 in honour of Astronaut Yuri A. Gagarin, who performed the first space flight by man on the 12th of April 1961. He lost his life on the 27th of March 1968 in a tragic aircraft accident while carrying out a training flight. It is annually awarded to the space pilot who in the previous year has accomplished the greatest achievement in Man's conquest of Space.
Face value 12 Kopeks
Catalog code (Michel) SU4500
Series 12th Definitive Issue
Print run 9,000,000
Issue date 10/08/1976
Perforation 11 3/4 : 12 1/4
Height 26.00 mm
Width 18.50 mm
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