2,2 kuna - Petar Zrinski 1996

2,2 kuna - Petar Zrinski 1996
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General Description : Serie: 199, Type: P, Stamps in serie: 5
The issue is in the sheet of 20 stamps, and in blocks of five. Croatian Post and Telecommunications sells the First Day Cover FDC and the First Day souvenir sheet. Quantity of block: 100 000; size: 117 x 172 mm Petar Zrinski was a brave warrior like his brother Nikola. He started fighting the Turks as early as 1637 when he was given the position of the Military Cordon commander. He participated in the final battles of the Thirty Years' War and fought for Venice in the war between Venice and Turkey, as well as in numerous battles against the Turks. After the death of his brother, he was appointed ban of Croatia, and like him, he was extremely opposed to the policy of Vienna. He was supported only by Fran Krsto Frankopan, his wife's brother. When the emperor's troops defeated Frankopan's cavalry in April 1670, the uprising failed. Petar Zrinski was deposed as the ban of Croatia, and was summoned to Vienna with Frankopan by the emperor Leopold I who promised them pardon. However, they were imprisoned, charged with high treason and after a year in prison were put to death on April 30, 1671, in Wiener Neustadt, despite the disapproval of the Pope and many European rulers.
Face value 2.20 Kuna
Catalog code (Michel) HR 379
Catalog code Stamp Number HR 296 Yvert et Tellier HR 354 Stanley Gibbons HR 441 AFA number HR 445 Croatian post Inc. HR 201
Series The Zrinskis and the Frankopans
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 350,000
Issue date 30/04/1996
Designer Lovro Artuković
Paper type white 102g, gummed
Print technique Multicoloured Offsetprint
Printed by Zrinski - Čakovec
Perforation 14, comb
Height 36.00 mm
Width 26.00 mm
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet

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