6.5 Kuna Franza Von Suppé1995

6.5 Kuna Franza Von Suppé1995
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : Serie: 155- Type: P- Stamps in serie: 1
Composite design with a portrait of the composer and the figure of "The Fair Galatea" from his best-known operetta of the same name. Franz von Suppé descended from a Belgian family which emigrated to Dalmatia, probably in the 18th century. He was born in Split and spent his childhood in Zadar, where he had his first music lessons and began to compose at an early age. It was in the Franciscan church in Zadar that his Mass was first performed in 1832. He studied law and medicine in Padua, but had to give up his studies and return to Zadar when his father died. After his return to Zadar, he moved with his mother to Vienna in 1835. There, the youthful Franz enrolled at the Conservatory and soon began his career as conductor in a number of Viennese theatres. He retained links with his native Dalmatia, however, and occasionally visited Split, Zadar and Šibenik. Some of his works are linked with Dalmatia, in particular his operetta "The Mariner's Return", the action of which takes place in Hvar. He composed about 30 operettas and 180 farces, ballets and other stage works.
Face value 6.5 Kuna
Catalog code (Michel) HR 333
Catalog code Stamp Number HR 253 Yvert et Tellier HR 308 Stanley Gibbons HR 370 AFA number HR 378 Croatian post Inc. HR 155
Series #155 100th anniversary of the death of Franz von Suppé
Stamp colour multicolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 350,000
Issue date 15/09/1995
Designer Auguste Böcskör
Paper type white 115g, gummed
Print technique Multicoloured Offsetprint
Printed by Zrinski - Čakovec
Perforation 14, comb
Height 29.82 mm
Width 35.50 mm
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