£1.28 2012-Queen Elizabeth II

£1.28 2012-Queen Elizabeth II
Added by Alain Martineau
General Description : £1.28 2012 Emerald - Self-Adhesive
Security pattern lettering in background, semi-circular slits.
The Machin series of postage stamps is the main definitive stamp series in the United Kingdom, used since 5 June 1967. It is the second series to figure the image of Elizabeth II, replacing the Wilding series.
Designed by Arnold Machin, they consist simply of the sculpted profile of the Queen and a denomination, and are almost always in a single colour.
Face value 1 pound 28 pence
Series Arnold Machin
Issue date 25/04/2012
Designer Arnold Machin
Print technique Photogravure
Perforation Elliptical perforation
Height 24.00 mm
Width 21.00 mm
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