80 Cent 1997 - 50th Anniversary of Marshall Plan

80 Cent 1997 - 50th Anniversary of Marshall Plan
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was the American initiative to aid Europe, in which the United States gave economic support to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II in order to prevent the spread of Soviet Communism. The plan was in operation for four years beginning in April 1948. The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-devastated regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, and make Europe prosperous again. The phrase "equivalent of the Marshall Plan" is often used to describe a proposed large-scale rescue program
Face value 80 Cent
Catalog code (Michel) 1620
Stamp colour multicolour
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 4.122.350
Designer Irma Boom
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