0,39 Euro 2004 - Spyker C8 Double 8R

0,39 Euro 2004 - Spyker C8 Double 8R
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : Spyker or Spijker was a Dutch car manufacturer, started in 1880 by coachbuilders Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker, but to be able to market the brand better in foreign countries, in 1903 the 'ij' was changed into 'y'. They were originally based in Hilversum but in 1898 moved to Trompenburg, Amsterdam.
Face value 0,39 Euro
Catalog code (Michel) 2204
Stamp colour orange
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 2.000.000
Issue date 07/05/2004
Designer Bastiaan Rijkers
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