80 Cent 2000 - The Green Hawker

80 Cent 2000 - The Green Hawker
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : The Green Hawker (Aeshna viridis) is a species of dragonfly in family Aeshnidae. It is found in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Sweden, and Ukraine. Its natural habitats are rivers, swamps, lakes, and marshes. It is threatened by habitat loss in parts of its range but in general it is not very vulnerable.
Face value 80 Cent
Catalog code (Michel) 1823
Stamp colour multicolour
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Issue date 10/10/2000
Designer Edith Gruson / Ewoud Traast
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