1 Gulden 1965 - 150 Years of Military Willemsorde

1 Gulden 1965 - 150 Years of Military Willemsorde
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General Description : The Military William Order, or often named Military Order of William (Dutch: Militaire Willems-Orde, abbreviation: MWO), is the oldest and highest honour of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Order's motto is Voor Moed, Beleid en Trouw (For Bravery, Leadership and Loyalty). The chivalric order was established on 30 April 1815 by King William I and was presented for feats of excellent bravery on the battlefield and as a meritorious decoration to senior military officers. Comparable with the French Légion d’Honneur but far less awarded, the Military William Order is a chivalry order of merit open to everyone regardless of rank and nobility, and not only to Dutch military but also foreigners. To date the Order is extremely rarely awarded and only for excellent bravery in battle.
Face value 1 Gulden
Catalog code (Michel) 839
Catalog code NL-839
Print run 2.791.600
Issue date 29/04/1965
Designer P. Wetselaar
Printed by Joh. Enschedé en Zonen
Perforation 12 3/4 x 14
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