3¢ 1967 - Puarangi

3¢ 1967 - Puarangi
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General Description : The planning of the 1967 definitive set commenced as early as July 1964 but it was not until January 1966 that preliminary notice was given by the New Zealand Post Office that decimal currency stamps would be put on sale on 10 July 1967, the day when New Zealand would begin the conversion to decimal currency.
It was decided that as there was insufficient time to have a new set of pictorial stamps designed and printed, the design and colours of the existing 1960 Pictorial issue would be retained.
'Hibiscus trionum', the botanical name of the plant known to the Maori as puarangi, is the smaller of the two New Zealand hibiscus. It belongs to the northern frost-free part of the country and can now be seen only in remote places and on some off-shore islands.
Face value 3 New Zealand cent
Catalog code Stanley Gibbons NZ849
Series Pictorial Definitives
Issue date 10/07/1967
Designer G Fuller, Havelock North; A G Mitchell, Wellington and New Zealand Post Office, Wellington
Paper type Chalk surfaced, multiple NZ and star watermark
Print technique Photogravure
Printed by Thomas De La Rue, England
Perforation 13 1/2 : 14
Height 25.00 mm
Width 21.00 mm
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