4 D 1960 - Puarangi

4 D 1960 - Puarangi
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General Description : 'Hibiscus trionum', the botanical name of the plant known to the Maori as puarangi, is the smaller of the two New Zealand hibiscus. It belongs to the northern frost-free part of the country and can now be seen only in remote places and on some off-shore islands.
Face value 4 d
Catalog code Stanley Gibbons NZ786
Series Pictorial Definitives
Issue date 11/07/1960
Designer Harrison and Sons, G Fuller, A G Mitchell, New Zealand Post Office
Paper type Wiggins Teape 'Esparto', multiple NZ and star watermark
Print technique Photogravure
Printed by Thomas De La Rue, England
Perforation 14 1/2 : 14
Height 24.00 mm
Width 20.00 mm
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