7¢ 1975 - Michele Meilland

7¢ 1975 - Michele Meilland
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General Description : Roses, which are very popular in New Zealand and grow particularly well, were chosen as the subject of a new Definitive stamp issue in 1975.
The rose has long been the most popular flower and references to its beauty can be found far back in history. In those fargone days it blossomed in the wild as a simple flower of five petals only; from those original species the creations of the present day have evolved - through natural cross fertilisation and selective breeding by hybridists.
Material Gold
Face value 7 New Zealand cents
Catalog code Stanley Gibbons NZ1092
Series Definitive
Issue date 26/11/1975
Designer A G Mitchell, Wellington
Paper type Harrison and Sons, unwatermarked
Print technique Photogravure
Printed by Harrison and Sons, England
Perforation 14 1/2 : 14
Height 29.00 mm
Width 25.00 mm
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