10 Groszy 1925 - Sigismund's Column, Warsaw

10 Groszy 1925 - Sigismund's Column, Warsaw
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General Description : Sigismund's Column, erected in 1644, is located in Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland. It is one of Warsaw's most famous landmarks and one of the oldest secular monuments in northern Europe. The column and statue commemorate King Sigismund III Vasa, who in 1596 had moved Poland's capital from Kraków to Warsaw.
On the Corinthian column (which used to be of red marble), 8.5 m high, a sculpture of the King, 2.75-metres high, in archaistic armour is placed. Sigismund's Column now stands at 22 metres and is adorned by four eagles. The king is dressed in armor and carries a cross in one hand and wields a sword in the other.
Material Gold
Face value 10 Groszy
Catalog code (Scott) 231
Catalog code Polish Stamps Catalog 209 I
Series Monuments and sailing-boat
Issue date 05/05/1925
Paper type White or very thin
Print technique Typography
Printed by Panstwowe Zaklady Graficzne
Perforation 10 to 13
Catalog prices No catalog prices set yet