1.50 Lei - Coracias Garrulus

1.50 Lei - Coracias Garrulus
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General Description : The European Roller (Coracias garrulus) is the only member of the roller family of birds to breed in Europe. Its overall range extends into the Middle East and Central Asia and Morocco.
Face value 1.50 Lei
Catalog code (Michel) 3968
Catalog code (Scott) 3140
Series Pasari din Delta Dunarii - Romania 1983
Place in series 3
Stamp colour Multicolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 2000000
Issue date 01/08/1983
Designer Mihai Vămăşescu
Paper type Stamp
Print technique Photogravure
Perforation comb 13½
Height 42.00 mm
Width 28.00 mm
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