30 Lei - Traian Vuia's plane The first flight

30 Lei - Traian Vuia's plane The first flight
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General Description : The Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo '92) took place from Monday, April 20 to Monday, October 12, 1992 on La Isla de La Cartuja (Cartuja Island), Seville, Spain. The theme for the Expo was "The Age of Discovery" and over 100 countries were represented. The total amount of land used for the Expo was 215 hectares and the total number of visitors was 41,814,571
Traian Vuia or Trajan Vuia August 17, 1872 – September 3, 1950, was a Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who designed, built and tested a tractor configuration monoplane. He said his first airborne test traveled about 11 metres on March 18, 1906. Though unsuccessful in sustained flight, Vuia's invention influenced Louis Blériot in designing monoplanes. Later, Vuia also designed helicopters.
A French citizen since 1918, Vuia was also a great patriot, leading the Romanians (especially Transylvanians) of France in the resistance during World War I and World War II. He returned to Romania in 1950.
Face value 30 Lei
Catalog code (Michel) RO 4820
Series Expo '92 Sevilla - Romania 1992
Place in series 5
Stamp colour Policolor
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 350000
Issue date 01/09/1992
Designer Cojoc Decebal
Paper type Stamp
Print technique Photogravure
Perforation comb 13¼
Height 34.00 mm
Width 49.00 mm
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