20 K Mykola Kostomarov 1992

20 K  Mykola Kostomarov 1992
Added by Maciej Pasztor
General Description : Nikolay Ivanovich Kostomarov , May 16, 1817, vil. Yurasovka, Voronezh Guberniya, Russia – April 19, 1885, Saint Petersburg, Russia, of mixed Russian and Ukrainian origin, is one of the most distinguished Russian and Ukrainian historians, a Professor of History at the Kiev University and later at the St. Petersburg University, an author of many books, including his famous biography of the seventeenth century Ukrainian Cossack Hetman, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and his fundamental 3-volume Russian History in Biographies of its main figures
Face value 20 Kopek
Catalog code (Michel) UA 74
Catalog code (Scott) UA 133
Catalog code AFA Ukraine 201
Series Personalities of Culture
Stamp colour Blackish brown olive | Brown black
Stamp use Commemorative stamp
Print run 2,500,000
Issue date 16/05/1992
Designer B.S. Iliukhin
Print technique photogravure
Perforation 12 x 11½
Height 26.00 mm
Width 37.00 mm
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