1 Broodkaart 1880 - Vooruit

1 Broodkaart 1880 - Vooruit 1 Broodkaart 1880 - Vooruit
Added by Bart Perdieus
General Description : A bread card (broodkaart in Dutch) is a form of distribution card to obtain food. Bread cards were often in mint shape (they are called also Tokens bread) made of an inexpensive type of metal such as zinc and aluminum.

This is a badge of socialist consumer organization (or cooperative) Vooruit (1880-1970), which in 1880, first as a cooperative bakery Vooruit, was established to protect the lability of big capital. The medal bears the date 1880, the year that the Vooruit in Ghent (Belgium)was founded, issues of other Vooruit cooperatives, like in Dendermonde, were always given the date 1880.
Diameter 22.00 mm
Material Brass
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